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Benoît de Carpentier, artist-photographer

∗ 1964 in La Roche sur Yon (F)
lives and works in Alsace (F) since 1992


2009 « Original Scenes » Gallery Pourquoi pas, Quimper (F)
2008 « Original Scenes » L’Appartement, Strasbourg (F)
2004 « Approach » photo-installation, Festival des Deux Rives, Strasbourg (F)
  « Childhood and Landscape » Clinic of the Orangery, Strasbourg (F)
2003 « The Time of Gardens » photographic work about a noteworthy garden: Jardin de l’Escalier, Gallery de l’Escalier, Brumath (F)
1999 « Correspondence » Gallery Lézard, Colmar (F)


2011 « Les Individus » Strasbourg - Robertsau (F)
2010 Boconcept - Galerie Heine, Strasbourg (F)
2009 Exhibition at Mondorf les Bains (LUX), presented by Gallery Heine of Strasbourg (F)
2008 St-art: European Contemporary Art Fair, Strasbourg (F)
  « Original Scenes » presented by the Gallery Heine of Strasbourg (F) at the International Art Show of Cannes (F)
2007 « Cafés in Strasbourg » House of Alsace, Champs-Élysées, Paris (F)
2005 « Approach » Regionale 5, Art Society of Freiburg (D).
  « Approach » Museum Müllheim (D)
  Gallery Zoo, Strasbourg (F)
2004 « Childhood and Landscape » Franco-German Centre for Culture, Karlsruhe
  « Surface Areas and Territories » Franco-German Centre for Culture, Freiburg (D)
2001 St-art: European Contemporary Art Fair, Strasbourg (F)
1999 International Project « Web Art Garden » photographic installation in natural environment, Bouxwiller (F)
1997 « Nine artists from Alsace present their work to the European Union » European Parliament, Strasbourg (F)


2006 Invited to Bodh Gaya (India) by the collective Concept + (Save the History) for the International Project and Festival of Art « Buddha Enlightened », with the support of the European Centre for Contemporary Art (CEEAC) and the magazine Les Saisons d’Alsace


2011 « Home memories » portraits of the population of Cronenbourg
2010 Photographic reportage on the urban development of Cronenbourg
2010 « Portraits of the population » Cronenbourg
2010 Pourchase of « Samson et Dalila » by the Artothèque of Strasbourg
2009 « The Birth of the Objects» photographic reportage on artisan's workshops in Alsace, Editions Callimène
2008 « The Birth of the Objects» photographic reportage on artisan's workshops in Alsace, Editions Callimène
2007 « Hautepierre » photographic reportage about the district of Hautepierre for the Agency of Development and Urbanism of Strasbourg (ADEUS)
2006 « Cafés in Strasbourg » photographic reportage about cafés in Strasbourg, Editions Callimène
2005 « Between Heaven and Earth » photographic reportage about Strasbourg Cathedral; purchase of photographs by the &Oelig;uvre Notre Dame Foundation
2002 Photographic coverage of the Goncourt Award for novellas for the City of Strasbourg
2001 « Ribbon: A Sound Portrait of Alsace » photographic reportage about the Ried landscape and exhibition at the media library in Sèlestat
  « Centenary of André Dhôtel » photographic coverage for the region of Champagne-Ardenne
since 1997 Photographer for the National Youth Public Theatre (TJP) of Strasbourg, the contemporary dance companies Le Grand Jeu and Adèle Danse and the Theatre Company Marché aux Grains


2011 « Mobility » Hautepierre
2008 « Between Heaven and Earth » Photographs of Strasbourg Cathedral, Editions Callimène
  « The Birth of the Objects » Photographic reportage about artisan's workshops in Alsace, Editions Callimène
2007 « Strasbourg, lively areas » Editions Le Vergers Editeur
2006 « Cafés in Strasbourg » Editions Callimène
2002 « Wishing for News from You » Cataloge of the Goncourt Award for Novellas, City of Strasbourg (F)
2000 « Passages. Transitions » Cataloge of the Art Prize for Photography of the City of Buehl (D), Editions Isele


2000 « The year on the way » Photographic act in cooperation with the Adèle Danse Company, Strasbourg (F)
1993-1996 Short films


since 2000 photographic projects in cooperation with primary and secondary schools


2004 The photograhpic project « Architecture and Landscape » supported by the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs (DRAC)
2002 The photographic project « The year on the way » supported by the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs (DRAC)


2000 Jury prize : Black and White Challenge Ilford, Paris (F)
2000 2nd prize : « Passages. Transitions » Art Prize for Photography by the City of Buehl (D)
  4th prize : Rotary Club, Strasbourg
1988 1st prize : The Stars of Painting, Paris (F)


1989 Diploma from the Higher School of Art and Design (ESAD) of Strasbourg (F), department for painting